Pay Close Attention to Your Tire Pressure

image of a car wheel

The tire pressure light is one of the most ignored warnings on a car. But it shouldn’t be. The importance of a correct air pressure goes a long way to keeping your car running smoothly. Not convinced? The following are three reasons why you should pay attention to it.

The Correct Air Pressure Goes a Long Way

We believe that just like your check engine light, you need to pay close attention to your air pressure. It’s just like any engine tune-up. Why? With the proper pressure on your air, you’ll prevent yourself from any kind of accidents, enhance your handling, and save on fuel. If you fail to maintain it, you could find yourself in unwanted situations such as poor gas mileage, vehicular mishandling, and reduction of your tire life.

Get the Regular Check-up

If your car doesn’t warn you about your tire pressure, you should check anyway. This should happen every month to maintain your vehicle’s overall condition. The sad truth is that not a lot of people do this because they’re not familiar with the process. Little do they know, it’s actually pretty easy! If you didn’t know already, tires lose their air pressure every day. This could mean that your tires can lose about one to two pounds of air on a monthly basis. It gets worse on hot days as the pavement can take a toll on your vehicle.

Correct it Now

Every vehicle is different which means that you’ll need an expert to determine them on a case by case basis. The best place you’ll find the ideal number for your tire pressure is by checking your user manual. You can also find this number on your car’s side door or glove box.

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