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A brake motor also known as the brake disk is a smooth metal disk attached to the wheel hub. The brake rotors play a crucial role in the braking of your car.

It is the friction between them and the brake pads that is responsible for slowing and stopping the car. When the rotors wear our due to excess friction, they become unsuitable to dissipate the heat produced during braking.

Consequently, the brake fluid absorbs most of the heat and boil up, reducing its efficiency.

Rotor repair Las Vegas specializes in replacing brake rotors to ensure that braking of your car is active.

Keep in mind

The brake discs can be found on all wheels in vehicles made after the year 1999.

In older cars, you will find drums instead or rotors at the rear wheels. When repairing your brake rotors, you will be required to replace them in pairs for effectiveness.

At AA Auto Care, the service of rotor replacement comes with the replacement of the brake pads unless the pads were recently replaced. The thickness of the brake rotors is taken to determine the best fit before they are removed and replaced.

As stated earlier, the brake pads will also be replaced. A brake safety inspection is then performed followed by a test drive.

Indications for the need of a rotor replacement

There are significant signs that your car will give when you need to replace your brake rotors.

One sure sign for this is wobbling and pulsating of your vehicle when you are driving at high speeds. If you experience this, your brake rotors are warped or worn out.

Other indications include blue discoloration seen on the surface of the brake rotors, mainly due to the wear, and hot spots or grooves in rotors.

It is imperative to seek professional advice such as from AA Auto Care when you detect these symptoms.


It is undeniably important to ensure that the braking system of your car is properly functioning at all times.

Our experts in Rotor repair Las Vegas recommend quick action before the problem gets out of hand.

Ensure that the thickness of your brake rotors measured every 12 months or every time you have your brake pads replaced.

In most cases, the brake rotors last twice as long as brake pads. Worn out pads are the leading causes of damage to the brake rotors.