How to Travel With Your Dog in Your Car

How to travel with your dog in your car

The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with man’s best friend.

How to travel with your dog in your car

Road tripping with your furry companion can be fun and exciting! Bringing your dog everywhere and anywhere is always a joyful opportunity, but considering their health and safety, you need to plan before, during, and after the road trip accordingly. Read on to find out how you and your canine friend can make the drive enjoyable.

1. Prepare them

Only you know your dog the best. Whether you take your dog on frequent car rides or not, it’s good to know what’s best for them. If your dog isn’t use to riding in vehicles, spend the time to slowly introduce them. You and your dog will spend lots of time in the car driving so you need to make sure how well they react. Do they get car sick easily? Do they get anxiety? Prepare them ahead of time if needed.

2. Make sure they’re secure

Give your buddy a safe and comfortable road trip experience by giving them the best seat in the house (well, car, in this case). Find a system that works best for you and your dog. Consider back seat hammocks, guard nets, harness seat belts, or kennel/crates as your best bet. Just remember they shouldn’t not be roaming around in the car or have access to the front seat to prevent any accidents.

3. Plan rest stops

If the journey will take a few hours, plan out when and where for rest stops. Rest stops are the perfect time for your dog to do their business, hydrate, eat (if not eaten prior), and stretch their legs. Plus, he’ll be more inclined to rest after being able to move around in the open air for a bit.

4. Bring their essentials

Pack for your pooch the same way you’d pack for yourself. Make sure they have enough water, treats, and food needed for the road trip. Don’t forget their doggy bowls as well! Bringing their toys and blankets also helps with anxious dogs and keeps them occupied without you having to from the driver’s seat.

5. Drive safely

All in all, the whole goal is getting from point A to point B safely and comfortably. Practice defensive driving and when in doubt, pull over if needed. Never attend to your dog while in motion and never leave them alone in the car, especially in excessive heat.

Follow these five tips to make the journey with your best friend a memorable one.