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To understand brake flushing, you will need to understand the operation of the braking system of your car. When applying brakes, by stepping on the brake pedal, hydraulic fluid, known as the brake fluid, rushes through the brake system and cause the brake pads against the rotors causing the car to slow and stop. Brake Flush service Las Vegas is responsible for ensuring that the brake fluid works correctly.

What is brake flush?

Over time, the hydraulic fluid gets contaminated with moisture, air, sludge and other contaminants jeopardizing its efficiency. When you apply brakes but your car is not responsive as before; it is time to do a brake system flush.

A brake flush involves draining the worn out fluid and moisture from your braking system and replacing it with new fluid, free of contaminants.

Importance of Brake Flushing services

Braking is one of the crucial parts in driving. Anything that sabotages braking not only poses a significant threat to the users of the vehicle but also may lead to expensive repairs. As such, ensuring that your brake system is working properly, by visiting professionals at AA Auto Care for regular maintenance, is prudent.

When to go for a brake flush

When you notice that the braking system of your car is not efficient, the brake fluid might be contaminated or may be leaking appearing brown or black in color. Another indication that you may need brake flush services is a spongy feeling when you press the brake pedals. Experts carrying out Brake Flush service Las Vegas will execute any brake flush service that your vehicle needs to get back on the road.

Performing break flush services for your car yourself is one mistake you do not want to commit. As a matter of fact, the skills required is way beyond what an unskilled person has. Furthermore, the tools and equipment necessary to execute the task can be more sophisticated to be operated by an unprofessional person.

Seeking professional advice and service is the way to go whenever you notice any anomaly with your braking system.


How often should you do a brake system flush? AA Auto Care recommends that you follow the directions and the maintenance schedule of your car’s manufacturer.

Averagely, changing the brake fluid of your vehicle every three years or 24000 miles is a good practice. Ensure that you use a quality brake fluid recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer at all times.