Oil Change Las Vegas


Your car is more certainly your second major investment, probably coming second to your house. Just like any mechanical machine, your car needs regular maintenance and repair to continue serving you for long.

One such important maintenance exercise is changing the engine oil. However, with your busy and stressful days, it can be difficult to include servicing in your already tight schedule.

That is where AA Auto Care comes in with Oil Change Las Vegas, for all residents in Las Vegas.

What is an oil change?

The oil engine can be considered to be the lifeblood of your engine. The oil is stored at the bottom of the engine in an oil pan. The internal moving parts of the engine require adequate lubrication by the motor oil to avert the problems of friction.

During an oil change, the old motor oil is drained and replaced with fresh motor oil. During the change, the oil filter, that keeps the oil clean and debris-free, is usually replaced.

Why change the engine oil?

Due to the heat produced by the engine when being operated, the engine oil experiences thermal breakdown where it wears out and becomes a less effective lubricant.

For this reason, every vehicle owner wants to replace the oil before it is worthless.

Without enough lubrication in the engine, the moving parts rub against each other and cause corrosion, needless to say; the parts are expensive to replace. Better prevention than cure, or so they say.

When should you change your engine oil?

The time and the number of times you should change your engine oil depend on some factors including where you live, the acceleration drive, the load you carry, and the age of your engine among others.

For Oil Change Las Vegas, we recommend that you change your oil every 5000 miles.

Consider changing your motor oil more often if you drive at very high speeds, if your engine is old, if you drive on dusty roads, or carry heavy loads.

Despite oil change being a crucial part of your car maintenance, it does not imply that you should not perform other maintenance services for your vehicle.

Vehicle owners may want to handle the task of changing their motor oil, but at AA Auto Care, we are equipped with the right tools to execute the task as well as offer professional advice. You can count on us for Oil Change Las Vegas.