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Keeping the environment clean is the responsibility of every citizen. To ensure that the air we breathe is clean and healthy, the state of Las Vegas conducts smog check on vehicles, which are major contributors to the pollution of the environment, if not in good condition.

At AA Auto Care, we understand the importance of smog check Las Vegas, and we aim at ensuring that the vehicles of our clients pass the smog checks at all times.

Overview of the smog check

The smog checks are divided into three parts. For complete inspection and certification, your car must pass all three of them.

Also, other parts of your vehicles will be checked to ensure that everything is running smoothly, after which you will receive a copy of the Vehicle Inspection Report and a certificate of compliance if your vehicle passes.

Such inspections include:

• Visual inspection of the emission controls system

• Functional checks such as for the engine light, exhaust gas recirculation, ignition timing, fuel evaporative system and the gas cap.

• Examination of the functionality of the On-Board Diagnostic system

• Inspection of the tailpipe emissions

Vehicles that require a smog check

According to the year of manufacture, some cars are proven to emit more pollutants than others. What vehicles, therefore, require a smog check?

Hybrid cars, gasoline-powered vehicles, and vehicles using alternative fuel from the model year 1967 are examples of the vehicles that need a smog check.

However, several vehicles are exempted from the checks including:

• Vehicles manufactured before model year1967

• Vehicles using diesel fuel weighing from 14001 lbs. And more

• Motorcycles and mopeds

• New vehicles on their first and second registrations.

Types of smog check stations

According to the condition of your vehicles, you could choose from a variety of smog check stations. Most cars can be inspected at regular stations. The other types of smog check stations that you will find for smog check Las Vegas include:

• STAR stations are closely monitored by the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair). The standards met here are higher than in regular stations. Some vehicles can be directed to this stations specifically.

• Test-only stations only permitted to do smog inspection but no other diagnostics and repair

• Test-and-repair stations perform smog inspections, diagnostics, and repair. This is a good option for car owners who think that their motors will require repair also

• Repair-Only stations cannot do smog inspections but can diagnose and repair only.