ABS System Repair Las Vegas


You will agree with me that brakes are the most crucial safety component in your car. One braking system called the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) has been used in many vehicles in the past couple years and is known for its ability to provide power stopping even when traction with the road is poor.

Many people have heard the term ABS but do not know how it operates or the repair services available.

ABS Repair Las Vegas provides a detailed diagnosis of any issues and fixes them to restore your braking efficiency.

About the ABS Systems

During hard braking, the ABS are responsible for averting dangerous sliding by keeping the wheels from locking. The automated system does this by recognizing that the wheels have stopped rotating yet the car is still in motion. As such, it releases brake fluid pressure; consequently allowing the wheels to continue turning.

This process helps to maintain the stability of your car and preventing it from skidding uncontrollably. However, like any other braking system, the ABS can fail.

Once you see the ABS light on, visit AA Auto Care to resolve any issue as soon as possible.

Reasons for Damaged ABS System

– Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor
The speed sensors located in the hub of each wheel relay information to the ABS about the acceleration of every wheel. If one of the wheels is rotating at a slower speed than the others, the system releases the brake fluid pressure allowing the wheel to resume uniform rotation.

When the sensors become defunct or when the cable from the wheels to the ABS gets damaged, the system won’t work properly.

– Unresponsive hydraulic pump
When the signal sent by the ABS to either increase or decrease the brake fluid pressure on the wheels is not affected, it implies that the hydraulic pump or valve is faulty. This issue hinders the functionality of the ABS.

– Damaged ABS Module
Corrosion mainly caused by friction can cause an interruption in the relay of information from the speed sensors at the wheels to the ABS. A slight carrion can distort a lot of information.

This has the effect of failing the module computers which might require repair, although such cases are rare.

– Low level of fluid
Fluid plays a crucial role in the operation of the ABS especially in cases of pressure regulation. When the level of the fluid gets low, or when it gets contaminated with air, the efficiency of the system gets interfered with.

Our recommendation

When the ABS have any issue, the ABS lights on the dashboard will turn on.

AA Auto Care experts offering ABS System Repair Las Vegas advice that you stop driving immediately you notice the ABS light especially when coupled with squeaking, shaking and failure in the braking system. Let us take a look.