Wiper Blade Replacement Las Vegas


Clear visibility is essential for safe driving. The part of your car that plays a central role in ensuring you have a clear view of the road is the wiper blade.

Regular checks and maintenance of the wiper blades are, therefore necessary.

Our Wiper Blade Replacement Las Vegas aims at restoring a clear view of the road for efficient and safe driving. When doing personal inspection of your wiper blades, be sure to look for:

• Corrosion of the metal at joints and claws

• Broken or detached frames

• Damaged squeegee rubber

• Inflexible squeegee rubber

• Improper contact with the squeegee rubber and the windshield

Factors that cause damage to the Wiper Blades

Malfunctioning wiper blades are caused by damaged components used in the making them such as rubber and steel, according to our experts at AA Auto Care.

Mother Nature, as well as other elements, are responsible for the damaged wiper blades.

The effect is that the blades won’t make proper contact when cleaning the windshield by skipping, streaking, squeaking, or smearing. The environmental factors affecting the wiper blades include:

• The ultraviolet rays from the sun

• Debris carried by the wind such as dust, sand, and mud

• Car waxes and other by-products that affect the rubber

• Acid rain and salty water that affects the steel

How often should you replace your Wiper Blades?

When was the last time you replaced your wiper blades? Most people assume the replacement of their wiper blades until when they need they need them the most.

The consequences for the wait can be dire and sometimes fatal. Wiper Blade Replacement Las Vegas recommends that you do a replacement at least once per year but have them checked after every six months.

However, when you observe the anomalies mentioned above, replace them immediately.

What to avoid to ensure fully Functioning Wiper Blades

While the environmental factors are the main causes of damages on your wiper blades, there is much that you can do ensure that the life span if the blades are longer.

What, therefore, can you do to avert some common problems with the wiper blades of your car? Such practices involve:

• Cleaning the windshield of your vehicle every time, you are at a gas station

• Regularly wipe the rubber squeegee gently using a wet towel to remove oil and dust

• Use an ice scraper to remove ice from your windshield instead of using the windshield wipers

• During winter, pull the wiper blades away from the windshield to prevent buildup of ice on the rubber squeegee