State Inspection Las Vegas


When you purchase a new car, the last thing you want is to have your vehicle flagged down for not meeting the requirements during the state inspection.

AA Auto Care understands the frustrations that car owners undergo when in such an embarrassing situation.

As such, we did research to help the residents of Las Vegas (Nevada) to understand what they are up for.

For State Inspection Las Vegas, you will have to ensure that the following requirements are met to have a fruitful and stress-free inspection.

Vehicles Purchased from a Dealer in Nevada

When you purchase your car from a dealer within the state, you will need to produce some specific documents to have your car registered.

The documents are the Nevada Evidence of Insurance Card, Nevada Emission Vehicle Inspection Report which should be given to you by the dealer during the purchase, Electronic Dealer Report of Sale, and an application for vehicle registration (VP222).

Keep in mind that the vehicle should be registered before the expiration in the placard issued by your dealer.

Vehicle Purchased from a dealer, not in Nevada

For successful State Inspection Las Vegas; if you purchased your car from an out of state dealer, ensure that you keep the following documents in check.

VIN inspection, Invoice or Bill of Sale plus either the security agreement, lease agreement or the manufacturer’s certificate of origin; Nevada Evidence of Insurance Card and an application for vehicle registration (VP 222).

Similar documents are required if you purchase the vehicle from a private party, from a relative, or get it as a gift. In these two instances, you should register your vehicle within the first 30 days.

VIN inspections are done at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), but in where the offices are large, you should drive to the inspection station first, located outside the central office.

In most cases, especially when the vehicle is purchased from a third party or a dealer outside Nevada, an odometer statement may be required during the inspection of your car. The dealer is supposed to fill the document on vehicles with nine years or less.

Keep in mind

Your car must pass the smog check inspections that applies to most gasoline and diesel powered vehicles manufactured from the model years 1968.

Be sure to look at the list of vehicles that are exempted from the smog inspections.

Another thing worth noting is that the insurance from outside the state will not be accepted during the review. Ensure that you get insurance coverage from a Licensed Insurance in Nevada.

The mileage of the vehicle, cylinder, and the rotor are the other components that will be inspected.