Smog Testing Las Vegas


There was a time in the US when smog was a common sight.

Over the years, with increased awareness to keep the environment clean, smog checks were implemented.

It is the responsibility of every car owner to ensure that the state of their vehicle does not contribute to the pollution of the environment in any way.

Smog testing Las Vegas is designed to make sure that your car is in good condition and that the smog check requirements are in check.

There are specific vehicles that require smog check, and they include those powered by gasoline, the hybrid vehicles and the vehicles that use alternative fuels made after the year 1967.

These are the vehicles that will require smog testing.

Smog Testing Stations

These are the stations where you take your car for the smog inspection. According to the condition of your vehicle and the requirement by the authorities, you will take your car to either a test-only station or a test-and-repair station.

The test-only station, as the name suggests is where your car will only be tested but any diagnosis or repair required will not be handled.

On the other hand, test-and-repair stations have the ability to test and diagnose smog issues, as well as repair them according to the requirements.

Passing the smog tests

Are there things you can do to pass the smog tests? The answer is yes.

AA Auto Care understands the areas where smog tests focus on. As such, the professionals have come up with a list of things that when you do, can help you to pass the Smog test Las Vegas easily. They include:

Ensure that the engine is okay
When your car has the “Check Engine” light on, it is an indication that it will fail the smog test. The primary cause of this problem is a faulty oxygen sensor. Get it fixed to clear the light and be on your way to successful smog test.

Drive at highway speeds a fortnight before
This is a sure way of burning excess oil and gas residue that get your car red flagged for not meeting the requirements for smog tests.

Ensure the levels of the coolant and the gas are in check
Since the trial will require accelerating the car at very high speeds when stationary, the car will need proper cooling. The gas tank should be well filled too because the car might be tilted during the dynamometer test.