5 Tips to Stay Safe During Your Holiday Travels

Happy Children Staying Safe During Holiday Travels

Planning to travel during the holidays? You’re not alone. Believe it or not, the busiest times to travel is during the holiday season just in time for Christmas.

Staying Safe During Your Holiday Travels

The media continues to pursue train stations and airports as one of the busiest outlets during the holidays. But the fact is, 91 percent of people travel using their vehicles. If you’re planning to drive, understand which is the best days to go. Anyone traveling on Christmas Day often travels on the same day while others who have drive 100 miles or more will leave two days before. The following are ways you can prepare yourself for the trip.

1. Have a route ready.

Research on which roads are less congested and be ready for an alternative route. Also, try downloading apps like Waze that can give you real-time traffic and provide you with the best route for last-minute surprises.

2. Think about the days you plan on traveling.

If it’s possible, avoid the most popular days. Try extending your trip by a day or two unless you want to spend hours in traffic.

3. Always have a GPS handy.

No, not from your phone, as in the old school ones. Unanticipated situations will happen, and you want a GPS to re-route at times when your phone can’t pick up reception in the middle of nowhere.

4. Prepare for the worst.

We do hope you make it to your destination without issues, but snowstorms can happen. Have a supply of blankets, water, food, small shovel, and warm clothes. Also, make sure your tank is full when you leave.

5. Have your car serviced.

You don’t want to spend your holidays filled with headaches. You want to make it to your destination without issues so to run some precautions. Consider having an auto repair professionals to check your car.