6 Easy Ways To Get Better Gas Mileage

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Because gas can be bit pricey.

6 Easy Ways To Get Better Gas Mileage

Although we can’t control the high gas prices, we can definitely improve our car’s mileage by changing the way we drive and maintain our vehicles. Every gallon of gas counts and by stretching it even further, can really make a difference in our gas expenses. Here are six great ways you can get better gas mileage for your buck.

1. Correct tire pressure

Our engines work a lot harder when our tires aren’t pumped to their correct pressures. If you’re driving with the tire pressure light on, you’re most likely burning more gas. Especially in extreme weather changes, where the pressure in our tires can change, be sure to stay aware of your tires and properly inflate them.

2. Ease up on the pedal

Driving at a constant speed can help further your gas mileage. Try avoid constant braking and rapid acceleration by driving at a constant speed to where you’re not using up too much gas at one time. Ease up on the pedal whenever proceeding from red lights and be smart in heavy traffic. Use cruise control at your advantage for longer driving periods as well.

3. Reduce excess weight

Remove any excess objects in your car that can contribute to a heavier weight. This reduces the drag in your car and can definitely save you a lot of gas when driving around, especially if you have front-wheel drive. Remember, the more weight you hold in your car, the more power and gas your car needs to use to get it going.

4. Use the proper motor oil

Refer to your owner’s manual to make sure you’re using the correct motor oil for your vehicle. Your engine is designed to work at its best with a specific type and can really make a definitely in the way your car runs. In addition, if you’re not using the recommended motor oil for your car, your car’s mechanical parts can get severely affected.

5. Enjoy the outside air

If you’re really pushing for that last mile of gas, reduce the use of your air conditioner and roll down the windows instead. Your AC system can burn a lot of gas when used at a low temperature. Roll down the windows for once and enjoy the nice, fresh air!

6. Keep gas cap sealed

Though this can be a minor mistake that happens often, leaving your gas cap open can definitely take a toll on your gas mileage. By this happening, you’re increasing the amount of air to enter your car’s engine, therefore, forcing your car to burn more wasted gas.