Best Tires For Your Vehicle

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Safety starts with the durability of tires as it creates friction between the gravel and rubber. Keeping your tires in good condition is imperative for safe traveling. Still, when you’re in the market for tires, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. How do you know which tires are efficient in functionality and safety? The following are some tires we recommend.

Continental Tires

These tires are the best in stopping ability when you’re stuck in dreadful conditions. Also, they’re known for excellent grip and handling which makes this the ideal pick for performance drivers. The price tags for these tires are slightly cheaper than its Pirelli competition which is excellent for those on a budget.

Michelin Tires

When it comes to good branding, Michelin tires has earned their title to the top. When you want tires that have great functionality in overall performance, these are the go-to tires. They’re notable for tread wear, and they honor warranties for it. Also, Michelin tires are impressive in rolling resistance; this makes them good picks for people who are trying to cut fuel costs.

Yokohama Tires

We’re not gonna lie; tires are expensive! Having said that, Yokohama Tires are affordable in both winter and summer tires alike. They’re particularly popular for their winter tires as their iceGuard models are rated one of the best brands in the market. They use a comparable silica technology that Hankook uses, but they add resin-coated microbubbles to decrease costs.

For more information about which tires are right for your budget and vehicle, ask our auto mechanics! Call us today.