Getting Ready For a Road Trip

Image of a car ready for a road trip
It can be exciting to go on a road trip. A journey hopefully in good company or sweet solitude in a vehicle, with no one to check in with but the road (and maybe loved ones from time to time to let them know you are okay). Whether the scheduled destinations are for business or pleasure, our eyeballs send a live feed of the scenery to our minds as we drive along. A road trip in the USA might mean lots of landmarks along the way of everything from the great American outdoors to “World’s Best Hamburger” from a town that’s never gone over a population of 100,000. It’s true that smartphones and GPS make it easier to be spontaneous or plan last minute for a road trip, but there are some things to remember for a safer more enjoyable trip.

Standard maintenance

Whether a bunch of gauges is lit on the dashboard of your car or you need to refer to the owner’s manual for recommended periodic maintenance, making sure all required repairs are done prior to going on any road trip if possible.

Safety kits

Today many family stores offer an automotive section where you purchase a safety kit that includes things like a flare gun, tire plugs, a flashlight, a blanket and other things associated with emergencies on the road.


Documentation of license, vehicle registration, and insurance are required for most places in the USA. While we should not have to anticipate being pulled over by law enforcement, it’s a great idea to store your documents somewhere you will remember and is accessible without getting out of the car in the event that you are. Making sure your documents are paid, legal, and current can help prevent legal issues on your road trip.

Vehicle Inspection

Your local mechanic or major automotive repair chain often offers and overall vehicle inspection. They check things like your windshield wipers and lights (inoperative lights can be a reason to be pulled over by law enforcement), your vehicle’s fluids levels as well as condition.


Unless you prepay tolls and have the chip for your vehicle to just breeze through those checkpoints it might be a good idea to keep dollars and change available for tolls.

Call ahead

If you are staying at a hotel or with trusted friends, calling ahead to verify they are anticipating your arrival is always a good idea.

Cellular phone

Checking to make sure your phone is charged, the service is on and you have adapter cords to charge your phone in the car. This could serve as a lifeline under certain circumstances.
There are many things we can do on a road to be wild free and amazing. Covering the basics and more of vehicle safety will clear the way for a positive experience and a focus on the overall objective no matter what it may be.