Are Your Headlights Ready for the Next Road Trip?

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Before you hit the road with your car, make sure that your headlights are working properly! This will not only ensure you and your passengers’ safety but will also help you navigate the road easily.

How to Make Sure Your Headlights are Ready

Whether you’re heading to a weekend getaway or just driving around town, drivers should recognize the risks when the sun goes down. Nighttime driving compromises a driver’s vision and negatively impacts depth perception, color recognition, and peripheral vision. Here’s how to make sure your headlights are always ready for road trips!

1. Replace them before burnout

Headlights can dim over time, that’s why it is best to replace them before they burn out. If you travel on dark roads with burned-out headlights, you’ll be posing a risk to both the driver and the pedestrians on the road.

2. Always swap them in pairs

Since headlights dim over time, a new bulb paired with an old one makes an uneven field of vision for drivers, and it can be a major distraction on the road. That’s why it’s very important to replace headlights in pairs.

3. Choose the best options

Many consumers don’t realize that they have options when it comes to headlights. Any upgrade above a basic headlight replacement will create a better and safer driving experience.

4. Try to DIY

It’s simple to change a vehicle’s headlight that you won’t really need professional help. You can also consider DIY restoration kits if you have faded and cloudy plastic headlight lenses. Don’t let degradation from the sun’s bright rays reduce and diffuse the light going through the lenses.

5. Align them properly

Aim your headlights properly and make sure that the lights are projecting down the road instead to the eyes of oncoming drivers. A simple fix will make a tremendous difference and improve safety.