How to Successfully Sell Your Car Privately

How to Successfully Sell Your Car Privately

How to Successfully Sell Your Car Privately

The process of selling your car can be a challenge, but comes with a profitable result. With a bit of patience, organization, and of course, research, selling your car privately can be a breeze. Here are a few important steps you don’t want to miss if you’re selling your old car or truck.

Determine your car’s worth

Take the time to thoroughly research your car’s worth. Consider its model, year, make, and it’s current shape. Selling your car privately gives you the advantage of making big bucks, but it all depends on the demand of your car. If your car is a collectable or rare, you’re likely to make more than your original asking price.

Gather proper paperwork

Don’t wait till the end of the process to do this. Gather all the necessary documents you’ll need to finalize the transaction including the title, bill of sale, release of liability, warranty documents, and even maintenance records. By having these important documents, you’ll increase your credibility to your seller, therefore, making the sale look legitimate.

Prepare your car

Cleaning both the interior and exterior of your car attracts potential buyers. Plus, it’ll show that your car has been properly cared for. If you’re able to invest in a detail service, the results will definitely be worth it. Don’t forget about those tires and rims, floors and seats, trunk, and even ashtrays.

Take quality pictures

Once your car is looking its best inside and outside, take quality photos that highlights your car the best way possible. Get multiple shots and angles of your car’s exterior (front, rear, both sides) and interior (front and back seats, trunk, dashboard, floors). Advertising online calls for amazing pictures that will draw in potential buyers.


Find a place or places to advertise. To expand your audience range, it’s best to go online and post ads on popular marketplace sites. Be sure your ad is thorough and honest. Additionally, include every detail there is to know about your car including your asking price, mileage, condition, history details, VIN number, etc.

Negotiate and finalize the sale

Screen your potential buyers and take the time to schedule test drives. Don’t be afraid to make a few counter offers and give them the benefits of your car. Once you’ve negotiated and finalized the sale, proceed to signing over the title and the rest of the paperwork.