Basic Car Maintenance Checklist To Do Every Year

car maintenance checklist

Whether or not you have a new car this New Year, it’s best to start giving your car extra care this year! This basic car maintenance checklist will help you keep your car in its best shape.

Car Maintenance For 2018

Car ownership does not end in monthly car payments alone. The biggest mistake car owners make is not giving their wheels the proper maintenance it needs. To maximize your car’s efficiency, you have to put an effort to make sure the parts are in their best shape. Not only this will prevent you from terrible car accidents, but also help you save up money in the long run. The benefits of car maintenance are unfathomable so here’s a checklist for your car’s basic maintenance this year.

1. Bring your car to its scheduled maintenance services

Never skip a car maintenance appointment so you’ll be sure to keep it in good shape throughout the year. This way, you will know what parts need replacement.

2. Replace clogged air filters

You can improve your car fuel economy and acceleration by a few percent when you replace the air filter.

3. Get an oil change

Don’t overlook the power of oil change. Not only it will keep your warranty but also save you from tons of hassle. Not maintaining it can lead to engine failure which can be very expensive.

4. Check your tire pressure

Improve your car’s fuel efficiency and cut down on tire wear and tear by checking your tire pressure regularly.

5. Wash your car frequently

Keep your car’s finish by washing it regularly. Don’t let dirt and chemicals to accumulate and strip away your car’s wax and paint. Use products specifically designed for car washing.

The Bottom Line

Taking care of your car doesn’t only mean a good-looking and safe-to-drive car but also an efficient and easy-to-sell vehicle in the future! This year, give your car the maintenance it deserves.