4 Parking Lot Etiquette You Have to Know

image of a parking lot

Parking in a crowded lot can be very stressful. Reckless drivers, car doors flying open, out of nowhere carts, it may seem more chaotic than it should be.

Parking Your Car Properly

You can’t do anything about how other people behave or park their cars in a parking lot. But you can still be the bigger man and keep your manners and etiquette while there. Being able to park properly can save you from unwanted car dings and deal with careless drivers. Here are some of the parking lot etiquette you need to practice as a driver.

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One Car, One Spot

Avoid parking in multiple spots just so you can have a bigger space. Not only this is rude, but also looks selfish. Make sure also that you are parked evenly and not too close to the next car. Awkwardly-angled parking can cause you car dents. Don’t block their trunk or doors so both of you can breathe normally and worry-free.

Return Your Cart

Your cart may not be rolling for now, but who knows where it would be in the next 10 minutes? A cart can crash into bumpers and scratch the paint. At least learn to push the front wheels over a curb so it stays there.

Park As Far As You Can

If the parking lot is spacious enough, why bother to park in between cars? Reduce the odds that someone will touch your car or vice versa. Walking is good for the heart, so why not? The freedom is all yours, park as far as you can.

Don’t Stalk

If the parking lot is full, it can be tempting to follow someone walking back to their car so you can take their spot. However, this can be very creepy and unnerving so just drive around and look for a spot that’s actually available.

The Bottomline

Being a good driver doesn’t only mean being a defensive driver on the road, but also someone who is respectful in the parking lot. You can help reduce the anarchy and start promoting orderliness. If other people see that the parking lot is well-coordinated, they will also follow unless they are that of a reckless driver.

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