Five Car Hacks Using Household Items

image of a car interior

Our car is essential to our daily needs. Without them, we’d have to use public transportation to get from point A to B. Of course, nothing’s wrong with that alternative, but a car provides convenience. Imagine if you missed the bus, you’d have to wait an extra 15-20 minutes for another one to arrive. This is why we owe it to our car to give it some TLC. Find the following household items and begin!

Nail Polish

Is your windshield cracked? Slow it down by applying a clear coat on both sides of the damage. This will temporarily hold your windshield together until you’re ready to bring to the auto repair shop.


If you have an older car, you might have fogged headlights. In turn, your view of the road may seem a tad dimmer. Take a couple of minutes to shine your headlights with toothpaste using a light cloth. Gently buff it for a few minutes, it’ll be as good as new.

Shoe Organizer

There’s no reason why your car should be unorganized! At AA Auto Care, we’re all about organization to provide you the most efficient service. Imagine if we didn’t know where our tools are, we’d have a hard time finishing our tasks! Nonetheless, organization is imperative! Use a shoe organizer and tie it to the back of your passenger seat so you can see all your items in one place.


Never forget where you parked using a camera! Snap a photo of your surroundings and never worry about where you left it! This hack should be helped when you attend festivals that don’t have numbered parking.

Plastic Cereal Containers

It’s unnerving to see a waste basket in the car. It just doesn’t work that way. Some people simply have a trash bag in the car, but then it should spill! Instead, use a plastic cereal container to hold everything together. Flip the lid to discard something and close it again! Easy, right?