Three Helpful Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle For the Summer

AA Auto Care woman relaxing on a car

The summer heat can take a toll on your vehicle because of the expansion of heat inside the tires. In turn, this makes your cooling systems work harder. Even your drive belts and hoses can be accelerated by the scorching sun, but running the right precautions can decrease your chance in a car breakdown.

The following are ways you can save your vehicle from the summer heat.

Use All-Season Tires

During the winter, having snow tires are important. But when summer is right around the corner, it’s no help. You’ll only wear out the tires during the warm heat, and the dry pavement will only make your car work harder. Remove your winter tires and use all-season tires as a replacement.

Inspect the Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner has been on idle all winter long meaning it may malfunction if you don’t inspect it. Run the A/C for a bit and see if it blows cold air. You want to look for signs such as odors and strange noises while doing this. Your unit may need cleaning if leaks appear.

Inspect Wiper Blades and Wiper Fluids

Without a doubt, visibility is important when driving. Along with the winter season is periodic rain which makes us use our windshield wipers. Over time, this has collected dust that could distort our view of the road when utilized. Wipe the blades and inspect your wiper fluids before beginning the summer season. Also, wipe your windshield so that it’s free of dust and bug splatters.

Check Your Battery

Nowadays, car batteries come with lead plates pegged in a water-diluted bath of acid. To make sure your fluid levels are still up, periodically check your car batteries. Ensure there are no leakage or discharges around the top of the battery. If you own an Optima, you’re essentially safe from this, but traditional batteries do need extra attention. Check your fluid levels and fill them up with distilled water whenever it is possible.