7 Tips to Survive a Road Trip

Road Trip Survival Guide

Life is a highway! It’s best to go prepared for its ups and downs.

Road Trip Survival Guide

Oh, road trips; the life on the long road to a destination filled with many adventures. Whether if you’re driving across the country or to the next city over, our ultimate road trip survival guide is here to help guide your journey to be safe, comfortable, and stress-free.

1. Get a good night’s rest

To the driver of the road trip, please get a full 7-8 hours of sleep the night before. There is nothing more dangerous than a driver behind the wheel who spent the whole night partying and waking up with a hangover. Be responsible so that your passengers are entrusted with a driver who is fully aware and awake while on the road. Road trips don’t have to be dangerous; bring a cup of coffee for the drive if you need the extra strength to be alert and stable.

2. Plan out your trip

Planning out your trip is the most important tip there is to a successful road trip. The whole point is getting to point B successfully! If your trip requires lodging accommodations, but sure to call ahead of time to confirm your reservations. Be sure to also plan out your route to your final destination on your smartphone or GPS so you can get a specific timeframe for the time on the road and so you don’t get lost. This also helps to plan out rest stops to arrange gas fills, bathroom breaks, stretching, and switching drivers (if needed).

3. Prepare your vehicle

Your car depends on you more than you depend on your car! It would be worth taking your car in for a quick maintenance to ensure your tire pressure is correct, your oil and fluids are filled, and your heat/cooling system is up to par. Preparing your vehicle for the long haul gives everyone a peace of mind for safe and smooth ride. It also helps to already have your gas tank filled to save everyone the trip before taking off on the long road.

4. Brings lots of snacks and drinks

Buying snacks and drinks at rest stops can be a lot more expensive than the average convenience store down the road from your house. Take a trip to your local grocery store before the trip to ensure everyone can get all the snacks and drinks they want to for the ride. If you’re travelling with kids, it helps to keep the snacks and drinks in a specific bag or cooler that’s easily in their reach so you don’t have to pull over or worse, rummage through bags while driving.

5. Create a music playlist

Making a music playlist beforehand is always a great idea. When you’re driving through mountains, valleys, deserts, and the middle of nowhere your chances of catching radio stations are slim. Plus, it’s always fun putting together music everyone in the car likes! If you’re taking along other gadgets like audiobooks, laptops, or tablets, be sure to fully charge them the night before. Bring along extra chargers and earphones to ensure comfort to everyone’s ride.

6. Pack an emergency kit

You can’t prevent Mother Nature from striking or an accident from happening, but it’s best to be prepared for them as much as possible. Preparing an emergency kit is the best thing you can do for any urgent situation. Be sure to check these things off your list!
First Aid Kit
Antiseptic / Antibiotic ointment
Hand sanitizer
Bug spray
Cotton balls
Ace bandage
Travel size fire extinguisher
Road flares
Jumper cables
Flashlight and extra batteries
Duct tape
Bottled water and non-perishable snacks
Multipurpose tools

Keep the drive safe and happy

When you’re in a car with an individual or individuals for a long time, it makes time a lot more merrier when everyone feels safe and happy. Be sure to resolve any conflicts or arguments beforehand to make the ride pleasant for everyone. Road trips are suppose to be fun! Lighten up the mood with fun sight-seeing games and sing-alongs, while still respecting people who handle their road trip experience a different way if they want to sleep or listen to their own music.