5 Tips for Teaching Your Teen How to Drive

5 Tips for Teaching Your Teen How to Drive

Congrats! The time for your teen to get behind the wheel has finally come and whether you’re ready or not, you need to be prepared for the long (maybe bumpy) road ahead. It’s normal to be anxious or worrisome during the process of teaching your teen how to drive, but not to worry! Read on to our five important tips that’ll definitely help when embarking on this journey with your amateur driver.

5 Safe Driving Habits and Skills with Your Teen

1. Consider the conditions

The best way to start teaching your teen how to drive is planning lessons during the day and in good weather. Teaching your teen how to drive in wet and rainy conditions can make them nervous than they already are. You can save night lessons for when they feel a lot more comfortable.

2. Stay calm as possible

Remember, as long as you’re calm, so will your teen. Keep in mind that they are learning and mistakes will be made, so never raise your voice or scold. Before each lesson, figure out a route or plan for them to follow and be comfortable with. The last thing you want behind the wheel is a stressed driver.

3. Keep them alert

Always keep them aware while they’re driving and consider each scenario they come across a lesson. Always ask “What’s the speed limit in this area?” or “Don’t forget to signal at the next right.” This will definitely keep them on their toes and will engrain new information every time. Furthermore, don’t forget to mention road courtesy when it comes to interacting with other drivers.

4. Give them feedback

Your teen will never truly learn or remember anything unless you take the time for feedback on their progress (Remember, never scold). Be positive and encouraging while explaining their errors and don’t forget to applaud their achievements. This will make them motivated to do better!

5. Be an example

When you’re behind the wheel with your teen next to you, remember to be a good example. The learning never ends! So continue to give them pointers while you drive and try avoiding your bad habits of not signaling or speeding through yellow lights.